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Chicharrones de pollo


I tried making chicharrones de pollo for the first time and I have to say they turned out awesomely. Chicharrones de pollo is essentially fried chicken. These chicharrones are baked and then flash fried to finish getting that golden yummy color. These were super easy to make.

Here’s how to make them:

How to make it.

Now, you can do this two ways, you can add the sazón to the flour or to the chicken. I put it in the flour.

You can use it as an appetizer or an entree. I used it as an entree and used the Arroz con maíz as the side dish. I also had some beans left over so I pour it over the rice. This was AMAZING and reminded me of my times with my mom, especially with my Tio Efrain who passed away this last week. I loved going to his and titi Tita’s house as we spent time together with my cousins, family and listened to salsa music in the original records, which I didn’t know some of them were my mom’s!

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