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30 minute asopao


It is cold and rainy here for most of the week, so I had two options (food wise). Asopao or chicken noodle soup. When I thought of the chicken noodle, was going to make the “cheater/fast way”. Using rotisserie chicken instead of making my own. Then I had an idea, what if I used that same method, and apply it to asopao?

If you do not know what asopao is, its a rice stew from PR. All of my friends joke that moms use asopao whenever it was HOT outside. And here in Iowa, people sometimes think “it’s hot” when its 90 degrees outside. Which, yes. It is hot, but back home it can be 99 degrees with 80 % humidity which feels like death. When I moved to Illinois for grad school, I started to use Asopao when I felt homesick and when it was winter!

If you are looking for a new stew/stoup that you will use with staples and only 2 or 3 “different” ingredients, here’s a good recipe for you!


How to make it:

This recipe makes for AMAZING left overs. As a grad student, I lived by myself, so I when I made this, I made a huge batch and had it for a couple of days over the winter. If you want a seafood version, you can swap this with some shrimp!

To reheat this recipe, just add it to a sauce pan, add some stock, broth or water, and bring it to a boil (5-6 minutes)! Adjust for seasoning and have a really comforting lunch!

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