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Chicken “confit” with roasted potatoes


This is such a great recipe. I was in the downward spiral of watching YouTube videos and I saw NY Times Alison Roman’s Chicken confit video. (You can watch it here)

I wanted to try something different with my chicken hindquarters, so I essentially dropped everything I was doing and made something like hers. I never actually got to see her recipe, so if you find it let me know so that I can compare notes!

The selling point for me was that, even though you’re adding a cup (maybe more depending on your cooking vessel) of Extra virgin olive oil, you can reuse ALL of that oil goodness to impart some extra flavor on anything else that you are roasting, frying, or cooking. Which made some DELICIOUS roasted Brussels sprouts, sautéed broccoli, and some amazing carrots and potatoes. My next plan is to use this delicious umami bomb is to make some polenta. The possibilities are endless.

Here’s my version of this chicken confit:


How to do it:

For this recipe I used a 4.5 qt dish, you can use a cast iron if it all fits as well.

The chicken will be moist even if you keep it in the oven for 30 more minutes. It all depends on your oven! If you want to check the chicken to get a sense of what is happening you can do so!

Oven roasted potatoes.

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