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Simply roasted potatoes


I’ve been MIA for a couple of days. I went to University of South Dakota & this past week, I had both a funeral and a wedding! It’s been sort of crazy. That’s why I gravitated to super simple, set and forget recipes these past weeks. So if you’re thinking of easy recipes that will not burn the house down with this heat, I’ve been making my easy polenta recipe that make in the IP, my Java chip Ice cream, and my Raspberry Chia Jam. If you have some left over chicken, make this easy Asian Chicken Salad. All of these are awesome for 4th of July, if you don’t want to make the same old, burgers and hot dogs (which are totally awesome).

Now, before the heat tried to kill everybody here with the heat index being 103 almost every day, I made my simple roasted potatoes. Now this recipe is amazingly simple, but there’s only one catch that makes it irresistible. The ingredients are: peanut oil, salt, pepper, potatoes. For hardware, I used my trusty cast iron (which I am loving more every day).

Here are the ingredients again, because its that simple:

I served these delicious nuggets of potato with my rotisserie chicken.

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