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Instant Pot Ribs


Perfect for Labor Day Weekend. This no-fuss ribs are simple as they are delicious! You can cook these ribs with just salt and pepper, slather them with the sauce and place in the broiler.You can double down on the sauce and use it to cook the ribs when they are inside the instant pot AND as your sauce. Both work, both are delicious, and both are addictive!

Serve with your favorite sides!

Quite simple recipe, you can use store bought BBQ sauce OR you can make your own. This is what I did.


If you are wanting to place some of this sauce/marinade in with the Ribs in the Instant Pot you will want to double this sauce marinade.


Taste and adjust as you are making this. One time I added way more honey, so I added some soy to counterbalance. If you like your ribs sweeter by all means add more honey. Adjust as necessary to your palate!

How to:

My suggestion is to add the peanut butter and the soy first and mixing that. Don’t get to mix happy because there will be soy and peanut sauce all over the kitchen. Start slow and then add more liquids.

You also might have westiepoo running towards you (because peanut butter). Do not look at them in the eye. You will cave.

Disappointed and judging dog. He didn’t get peanut butter.

Straight out of the IP. Before the SAUCENING (yes, I made a word up)

Serve immediately with your favorite sides!

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