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Açaí berry smoothie


I am not a morning person. I rely on coffee to survive. As much as I love breakfast food, I 90% skip breakfast because I am a horrible adult. Thats why I love brunch. You can get the best of both world. With that being said, this smoothie is a god send. I drink it right after my coffee. OR if I know I am going to drink loads of coffee in the office (which most days I do), I take a step back and drink this instead. Especially on Tuesdays when I have meetings all morning.

I most of the times go by “handfuls” when it comes to smoothies, but just for you, I added things in cups 😉 I hope you like my Açaí berry smoothie!

Açaí berry smoothie!

Serves 2: (a serving is 10 ounces)

Blender: Vitamix 3500 (you may need to use a little bit more liquid or use the smoothie setting on your blender)


Loving these Frozen Açaí puree packets!!!
Smack the heck out of the frozen açaí so that its easy for them blend!
Berries and Açaí

How to:

In your blender, add the milk, yogurt , chia or flaxseeds, then all of your berries. I am using my vitamix 3500, so this is the order I need to add everything. Blend until smooth. (I use my Vitamix’s smoothie setting) In less than 1 minute, I have my perfect smoothie!

I love the purple color it gives the smoothie!

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