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About me


I’m José Clavell. I’m a conductor, teacher, blogger, and Moe the westiepoo‘s dad. I am also a self-proclaimed foodie and home cook. I love to cook and do it as my destresser from my full-time& part-time job (Music director in Ankeny, Iowa & sales manager in retail) I’m loving it (and my partner doesn’t mind all the food experiments).

During the latter part of 2019, one of my uncles passed away. Tio Efra (Efrain) was the biggest cook in the family. No family gathering was without his food. My aunt (Titi Tita), my cousin (Leriam), and my mom (Gloria) were his sous chefs. I was always on the sidelines absorbing everything they did for future references. That “future” was in 2013 when I left Puerto Rico for my Master’s program at Western Illinois University for choral conducting and I was officially a #diasporican. There I honed the kitchen skills I absorbed through my childhood and early adulthood and constantly was “the cook” at our choral program get-togethers.

This blog will be a reflection of my food journey. How I’m eating, what I’m eating, and trying other people’s recipes, and my own. I hope you join me on this journey!

At a cooking class in Williams Sonoma in Jordan Creek (West Des Moines, Iowa)
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