José Clavell-Acosta

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I’m José Clavell. I’m a conductor, teacher, blogger, and Moe the westiepoo‘s dad. My main blog is theartofmusicalpoetry.com. That blog talks about music, my life in general and how my life is an intersection of language, culture and music.

I am also a self -proclaimed foodie. I love to cook and now that I am not full-time teaching (I’m a Director of Traditional Music in Ankeny, Iowa) I am able to cook more and I’m loving it.

This blog will be a reflection of my food journey. How I’m eating, what I’m eating, family recipes, and my own recipes. I hope you join me in this journey!

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  • Director of Worship, Ankeny First United Methodist Church
  • Choral Conductor
  • Previous Spanish Teacher

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