Spicy Garlic Pasta

Have you ever had a pasta emergency? You know what I mean. You’re craving pasta, your pantry is not fully stocked, you have a bunch of somewhat random ingredients and you just want food. Why? Because if you go to the grocery store at that moment, you’ll will just keep buying things, and then going…

Crispy Garbanzo beans with caramelized lemons (oh and rice)

I am CRAVINg garbanzo beans. Some people know that it is my favorite beans. There was something of my mom stewing garbanzo beans and eating them over rice (with a protein. Always). But, I would always prefer the garbanzo beans with the rice. There was something of those garbanzo beans that were the life. Today,…

Thanksgiving 2019 menu

Thanksgiving week is here. Even if you celebrated this past weekend, on Thursday or even this upcoming weekend, the Holiday season (at least here in the US/PR) has officially started. This weekend is also the first week of advent, so it is throwing everybody for a loop. I know it has for me. I always…


An easy weeknight meal done in less than 1 hour!

Fondant Potatoes

Want to do something “fancy” with minimal effort? Check these Fondant Potatoes