Want to feel pretentious while being lazy?

Stir Fry or make some Fried Rice. But if you want to feel pretentious, call it a macro bowl. Macro bowl is this “sensation” of essentially “Choose your own adventure” when it comes to food. Feeling adventurous? Begin the adventure by eying your fridge with all of the leftovers you said you were going to eat, but never did. Choose your own adventure and make a stir fry.

Reader, but by all means, this adventure is not eyeing that yogurt that expired 2 weeks ago. Throw her out. She doesn’t and shouldn’t go there anymore. Let’s talk about what you actually have in your fridge when you wanted to “Adult” and went to the grocery store and meal prepped.

I’m talking about the veggies you thought you were going to eat with that delicious hummus (the one you ate with all of the chips and things you were NOT supposed to buy, but you went on a target spree at 9:45 pm after work and said YOLO. No? Just me. Ok. No judgement). Those veggies might be carrots, celery, mushrooms or even kale (for when you think you were going Whole 30 and after a whole 30 minutes later you ordered a pizza), You have rice (because rice is life) left over, a protein (like chicken, pork shoulder chunks, ground pork, or just eggs). You look around (freezer, pantry, etc) and you see some staples (garlic, ginger -which might be in 1 tablespoons cubes in the freezer) etc. So, feeling adventurous, you begin your adventure.

Start by actively grabbing those ingredients and make a McGyver mise en place. Some cooked rice (or even the trader joe freezer one) about a cup, some of those frozen veggies from ages ago (because the fresh ones are few), eggs, and some other protein (I had some pork), grab the garlic and mice it, grab a cube of that already prepared ginger, and some stray scallions. Feeling saucy? You should. It can be as simple as some soy sauce, but you want to feel even more extra and you make a 3:1 ratio of soy sauce, fish sauce, toasted sesame oil, sriracha or even gochujang (from that ONE recipe you said you would make a staple but never get all of its ingredients) in about all, you get around 1/4 cup of “sauce”.

Grab that beautiful bottom heavy pan (because your wok has towers of other pans and you are feeling to lazy to dig it up). I used a Dutch oven, feel free to use that wok or just a pan that has tall sides. Crack the heat way up. You want it blazing hot. Add some neutral oil (peanut in my case). Toss in the protein, after it crisps, take it out and add the veg with garlic, white part of the green onions (scallions) and ginger. Let it mingle for max one minute. Add the meat again. Make a well (if using eggs), and add the eggs and cook them until scrambled. Add the sauce and rice. Stir all together. You’re done!

Add the green part of the scallions/green onions.

Look at that! You made a delicious macro bowl or in my world, a fried rice/stir fry. While you’re feeling that amazing champion that you are. It’s Friday. Get that’s IPA from Toppling Goliath or even a Glass of your favorite red (in my case it’s Quilt) You made it through another week. Now, eat that amazing bowl of food you made, open Netflix and watch your favorite show!

Congrats! You made it to Friday!

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