Cinco de Mayo

While condo de mayo is a commemorative holiday in Mexico (the victory of the Mexican army over the French empire for the battle of Puebla), people go all out in the US. So here are a couple of my recipes that you can do if you’re celebrating 5 de mayo!

Pork shoulder recipes!

Instant Pot Carnitas (with spicy chipotle sauce)

Instant Pot Pernil

Use the carnitas for loaded nachos

Want to braise your pork? Recipe here

Braised Pork Shoulder

Simple Polenta with Carnitas (great usage of leftovers)

Can’t forget the sides:

Lazy Arroz Amarillo (yellow rice)

Arroz con Maiz (rice with corn)

Finish it up with dessert!

Flan de cafe (coffee flan)

Happy Eating!

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