30 minute whole chicken.

How have you been ? Have you been cooking almost every meal or have you gotten more take out in the past couple of days? I know that I have been all or nothing. Cooking at least 2 meals a day.

(Most days, I skip breakfast. Not because I forget it, but because I am not a morning person and my few working brain cells can only make a pour over. Let’s call it, unintentional intermittent fasting).

Have you found all the groceries you want/need? I know that sometimes it can be fun in what you can find (looks good) and decide what to cook from that. If you cooked that way before this global pandemic, you are amazing. If you learned that, like I did, as we navigate this new world we are living in I would totally recommend getting Carla Lali Music’s cookbook Where cooking begins. It’s pretty awesome, it shows a lot of techniques that you can use, AND it has pretty delicious recipes.

Today’s recipe completely was made when I could not find any chicken other than a whole chicken. In my true #firstworldproblem, I begrudgingly bought it and was adamant that I was going to get dinner in 30 mins. This is how I made it.

– a 12 inch (tall sided) cast iron skillet
– a smaller bottom heavy skillet (oven safe) I used my 10 inch cast iron
Aluminum foil (optional so that you don’t have to clean the 10 inch iron skillet)

Prep: 10 mins
Oven heat: 500 degrees

Ingredients :
– 1 whole chicken (3.5 -4 lb. chicken), patted dry
– Kosher Salt and ground pepper (normally 1 teaspoon per pound of chicken) – in a bowl.
That way you don’t have to touch anything with chicken-y hands.

– 2 tablespoon of neutral oil (I used peanut oil) If you can avoid it, don’t use Olive Oil because of the high heat.
1 medium shallot (I used 2 small ones); finely chopped
-1/2 teaspoon of crushed red pepper flakes
– 1/4 cup of white wine OR stock
– 1/4 cup of lemon juice
– 2 tablespoons of unsalted butter
-herbs of choice (I have used parsley or chives) about 1/4 cup. I used a small bunch of parsley. I always eyeball this.

How to:
1. Oven: Preheat to 500 degrees, place one of your oven grates to the bottom the lowest option. Place your 12 inch cast iron skillet and let it preheat with the oven.

2. This recipe is with a spatchcocked chicken. This means that we need to take the backbone out of you chicken. With some kitchen shears, cut the backbone out. You can do this by turn the chicken (Brest side down) and using the shears/scissors, cut the bone out. Save the bones for making your own stock!

3. Become a chicken chiropractor.

Random note: do you feel that you need to go to the chiropractor during this time. I slept in a weird position 3 weeks ago and I feel that I need to go to one. I cant because of our current quarantine (thanks 2020) so I will become a chicken chiropractor.

With that chicken the way it is, cut that cartilage area that you see (there’s an anvil shaped bone, then cartilage underneath), our goal is to break it. After you cut that area, flip the chicken, breast side up. Press down on the chicken breast. You should hear a satisfying crack. Was that the chicken or you? It was the chicken. Not you. Don’t freak out.

4. Season the chicken (you should have the Salt and Pepper in a bowl that way you don’t have to touch anything with those chicken-y hands).

Note: If you’re one of those beautiful people who have their lives completely together, you can do this a day before.

Note Part 2: If you have some time to spare (and you’re not the planner time) can leave it out for 20 mins. Pat the chicken dry again (and season lightly with salt) that way you can get the most crispy skin.

5. Take the cast iron skillet out of the oven. Add the oil, then chicken skin side down. Pat the chicken down (careful, hot pan) so that all of the chicken is touching the pan. This ensures the chicken will get as crispy as it can.

6. Add the chicken to the oven. Add the smaller skillet after you place the chicken in the oven.

While you can do both at the same time, I feel that it gets really heavy.

7. Cook the chicken for 20 minutes skin side down. Remove the top skillet. Flip bird (carefully) skin side up. Roast the chicken until the middle of the breast is 160 degrees. (Around 10 mins). Remove chicken from the skillet and let it rest. Carry over cooking will bring your chick chick to 165 degrees.

Note: depending on your oven (if it runs hotter or colder) the time may vary. Also, if your chicken is more or less than the specified lbs, it will take longer. Go with the temp, to make sure.

Making a pan sauce; optional

8. Set the skillet over medium-low. Add shallots and red pepper flakes. Cook for 3 mins or until all soft and golden (not crispy). Add your liquids of choice. Swirl and make them get to know each other. Turn off the heat and add butter. Pour in the juices from your beautiful chick chick. Mix well. Add your herbs of choice. Carve chicken and serve.

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